I am an insect ecologist, holding a PhD from the Aberdeen University, UK. I have been working in entomological research for over a decade and by now I have wide background knowledge of quantitative ecology, mostly related to biodiversity processes, ecological interaction networks, and community and phenological changes induced by climate change. I am specialized in beetles, particularly in beetle community and ecological interaction network analysis. I have been working on several insect taxa though and gained experience with a variety of field applications, sampling and recording techniques, experimental design, and ecological statistics/modelling.
I have a solid computational and programming background and have expertise in database design and management (MySQL), data mining, GIS applications (QGIS) and web development. I use R and Python programming for advanced statistical modelling. I am experienced in using multivariate methods, spatial and network analyses. I recently got involved in biodiversity monitoring and behavioural studies using artificial intelligence. I am enthusiastically self-teaching myself in a variety of topics, including statistical analytical techniques, machine learning, and molecular methods. I am actively involved in insect conservation and biodiversity monitoring projects, several of them based on citizen science approaches.

I am a member of the Hungarian Entomological Society, the Royal Entomological Society, and the British Ecological Society. I am on the Reviewer Board of the Insects journal and serve as a Reviewing Editor for the Frontiers of Ecology and Evolution.

Currently, I am working as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of the Azores (Portugal) on projects related to ecological networks in island biotas and long-term changes in invertebrate communities in the Azorean archipelago.

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