Who am I?

I am an insect ecologist, with a focus on biodiversity research, community ecology, ecological networks and scientific computing. I am increasingly interested in exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in ecological research. 

My current research areas focus on the long-term changes in Azorean invertebrate communities as well as on detecting interaction networks by utilizing AI-based solutions, mostly deep learning.  

When I have free time I enjoy travelling, reading and photography.


This website is the modern successor to the ‘Bogaras Honlap’ (The Beetle Page), which provided comprehensive information on Coleoptera order in Hungarian, including their taxonomy, ecology, and their impact on the ecosystem. This updated site expands on various aspects of ecology, particularly insect community ecology, conservation, and research methodologies, including scientific programming. It aims to summarize the creator’s research, make ecological and conservation research accessible in plain language, highlight the importance of nature conservation, showcase the beauty and significance of insects, especially beetles, and continue the legacy of the original site by collecting relevant research on beetles in Hungary.


This page often acknowledges natural values, both intrinsic like beauty or timelessness, and those directly impacting human wellbeing. I firmly believe that all Earth’s creatures have a right to coexist with us, regardless of their utility, nuisance, or damage. Our undeniable dependence on nature and, at the same time, the scientific consensus on our insufficient knowledge to predict the consequences of species extinction sends a clear message.
On this site I advocate for fair and open science, believing it should be pursued for enjoyment rather than realized or potential benefits. I acknowledge numerous flaws in the current scientific system, notably in academic evaluation, career paths, and the scientific publication industry, which I will extensively discuss.

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